• Kindly fill out the form here, providing the details of your project.

  • I will follow up with you via email to set a time to meet for an initial consultation. During this meeting, I will listen to your goals for the project, observe how you function in your current space, and understand what is currently not working for you. With this information, I will create a scope of work for your project.


  • After taking measurements, I will take the information gathered during your consultation and begin to create your new space. I may use different methods to design the project, such as hand sketching, design boards and 3D modeling.

PHASE 3: construction documents

  • Once we arrive at a conceptual design, I will begin to create drawings that your contractors can use to price and build your project. This includes dimensioned plans, elevations, reflected ceiling plans, door and window schedules, etc.

phase 4: bid of project

  • Your project will then go out for bids or negotiations with Contractor(s). I will be your liaison during this process, inquiring and relaying requested information.

PHASE 5: CONSTRUCTION ADMINISTRATION & interior design sourcing and specifications

  • Once the contractor is selected, the construction will begin. I will work with you and the contractor throughout the construction process to observe the work being performed and ensure the design intent is being executed.

  • I will then begin to select specific items for the interiors based on the design concept and budget. The scope of the specifications will vary for each project, but may include flooring, tile, furnishings, paint colors, wallcoverings, lighting, artwork selection / placement, and decorative accessories.

phase 6: purchasing & procurement

  • HHDS will act as a purchasing liaison for items specified for your project. We can handle the ordering, logistics of delivery, and installation.


  • Once all items have been ordered, I will work with you and the vendor to handle all logistics of delivery and installation. This includes makign site visits as needed to ensure design intent is met.